• Issue medical cannabis license 

  • Renewal medical cannabis prescriptions

  • Counseling and support throughout the medical cannabis therapy to personally maximize the plant's potential

  • Issue medical cannabis license 

  • Renewal of medical cannabis prescriptions 

  • Counseling and support throughout the medical cannabis therapy to personally maximize the plant's potential

  • Clinics at Tel Aviv and Haifa

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My name is Dr. Gil Sweed, licensed specialist and CEO of Doctors-Weed Systems Ltd. 

Years ago i discovered that there are secrets your body can tell you that can guide you to become a healthier version of yourself, if you know how to interpret them.

The utilization of those secrets on an everyday basis became possible in the last decade due to the tech evolution, specifically in wearable devices, enabling people continuously tracking personal physiological patterns.

I suffered from a severe chronic disease, that disabled my entire daily function.  After numerous medical treatments, the last resort was Cannabis. But since Cannabis dosage, like many other medications is a “trial and error”  I had to find a way to it use in an optimal manner, fine-tuning the dosage of its components guided by  a continuous monitoring of my body. Not just any amount of the herb, not just any dosage, but the correct herbal combination that my body needs at any given moment, for optimal health.

I worked to develope a seamless awareness mirror which gauges my state of well-being continuously, every day, in an educated manner, learning from failures and successes and registering all this information in a digitized manner.

Cannabis is an extremely potent therapeutic source. However, the key is not just using cannabis, but using it in the most optimal way by understanding its physiologic reflections. How each strain of Cannabis and each specific dose affects each person specifically 24/7.  Such continuous monitoring will lead to  better educated decisions regarding the correct treatment policy.

To schedule an appointment contact the clinic team today!

This 24/7 online personalized individual monitoring enables the best specific medical advice and guidance about each individual's Cannabis use. This revolution will make the difference!  On this aspiration Doctors-Weed Systems was founded.
Together with dedicated and skilled team of scientists and tech people, our mission is to fundamentally improve the Quality of Life of individuals, through the development of personalized  real-time technologies, and to provide remote controlled continuously-optimized Cannabis therapy for each  individual patient at all times and in all places.

If you are interested in reshaping the future of medical care, please contact us at info@doctorsweed.systems .


Dr. Gil Sweed
Founder & CEO
Doctors-Weed Systems Ltd.

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